Meet Liz Herbig

Hello!  I am so excited you stopped by my personal page!! This means you want to know a little about me ….don’t you? Fantastic! Here are some highlights about my life so you can decide if I am a good fit for you.

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and, yes, I am fully bilingual (Spanish).  At 16, after finishing high school, I moved to the U.S., specifically to Alabama to live with my grandparents. While living in Enterprise, I fell in love with Ft. Rucker, the military life, and all that it stood for.  I joined the military at 18. I spent five wonderful years serving my country. No regrets.

I had become a mother while serving in the military; main reason I left the service. Motherhood had become my priority. So, I spent some time as an at home housewife and mother.  My children, three daughters and a son, are all grown now and have their own wonderful lives.

I have had a few other different careers in my life  to include Police Officer and successful Business Owner(construction company). I have acquired knowledge and wisdom from each.  I have also formed wonderful friendships that have endure many years. Without a doubt, I have lived a very full and colorful life.

I decided to start doing Real Estate because I love architecture!! I received my license in 2005 in Illinois. I worked as an Associate Broker for Century 21 until I moved to Enterprise Alabama in 2008.  I worked in a couple of different offices in Enterprise but I found my home with Linda Simmons. I started with her in 2010. 

I have helped many sellers and buyers over the years, and sure, I do make money doing it. But, my greatest reward, hands down, is the relationships I have formed that I know will last a lifetime.  That is my main purpose and I can assure you that getting to know my clients, and helping them the best way possible, is my primary goal. Money is the byproduct. You will soon get to experience that when you select me as your Agent/Consultant/Friend.

Thank you again for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!

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