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Your credit scores could be preventing you from qualifying for the best rates and terms for:

  • The Home of Your Dreams
  • A New Car, Truck, Motorcycle, RV
  • Job Opportunities and Promotions
  • New Business Opportunities
  • Insurance and Utilities

A CMAC credit coach can help to address past credit problems and save you thousands of dollars.

How Does it Work?

CMAC prepares a custom plan to help you improve your credit scores. Our personal and educational approach allows us to guarantee real results in just 45-60 days.

We get to know each other.

  • Once set up, we'll get your reports and scores and then discuss your file. Your personal coach will give feedback and gather necessary information.

We prepare the paperwork.

  • We'll draft any correspondence or documentation needed to help repair and rebuild your credit file both to the credit bureaus and to your creditors.

We use our proven strategies.

  • Should you open an account or close one? Pay off a bill or keep it? We'll unlock all of the secrets behind your scores and advise you on the best actions to take.

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Fast and Easy Credit Score Results

Real Results in 45 days


All Letters and Paperwork Prepared for you

Personal and Educational

Unlimited Credit Coach Contact

Legal and Trusted

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Money Back Guarantee

Real Results on Your Credit Scores

Affordable Payment Plans

Budget-Sensitive Solutions starting as low as $99

About CMAC


Christina Hunt

President and CEO of CMAC

Christina Hunt is a credit scoring expert that has educated Americans on how to use their credit wisely and effectively for over 15 years. From her tenure at a major credit reporting agency to her passion of grassroots financial literacy education, she has helped thousands of people regain and protect their financial well being.

Christina's primary focus is centered on wealth-building using your most important asset: your credit score. As a sucessful entrepeneur, real estate developer, and principal of several businesses, she is a testament of what can be accomplished by a self-starter with a great score.

Providing direction, clarity and a peace of mind, Christina teaches consumers on how to navigate through the credit system, how to build and use their accounts, and how to maneuver through credit tribulations. As a national speaker, she coaches real estate investors, brokers, and financial professionals on how to acquire wealth and save thousands of dollars a year using strong credit scores alone. "Once your credit is gone, your game is over," says Hunt. "Luckily, if you know the rules, it's a heck of a lot easier to play!"

Ms. Hunt has directed Credit Empowerment's credit coaching operations since 2001. Under her leadership, CMAC has grown into a team of risk professionals and credit analysts that provide a professional service unlike any other.

Frequently traveling and lecturing, Christina enjoys her free time in South Florida with her husband Robert and two children.


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